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Technician fixing a windshield

Choose professionals for windshield repairs in Tyler, Texas

Don't let windshield cracks spread, endangering the integrity of your windshield. Call Rock Damage Windshield Repair for FREE mobile windshield repairs using your car insurance!

We can fix most rock chips that are smaller than the size of a quarter. There are always exceptions but this is a general rule. We can also repair smaller windshield cracks so if you have a crack that's about 12 inches or less, give us a call. We can talk to you about what your options are and there's a good possibility it can be repaired instead of a full replacement.

The windshield repair process:

  • The best equipment is used to repair your windshield's crack or chip
  • Crack is repaired and sealed so it cannot spread further
  • Most repairs can be performed directly through insurance
  • Most repairs can be made without paying your deductible
  • Rapid repair process minimizes downtime
  • Able to drive again almost immediately with no follow-up work

Learn how windshield repair works

If your windshield has rock damage, our National Windshield Repair Division certified technicians will use a specialized instrument to seal the crack and prevent it from spreading.

With the chip fixed, you'll be able to hit the road again with a fully functional windshield. With direct help from your insurance, you won't have to pay a deductible and we take care of the legwork. 

Windshield Chip fix