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Why repair rather than replace your windshield?

Choose Rock Damage Windshield Repair and enjoy the advantages of windshield repairs over replacements! Plus, we offer a warranty on all repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

The advantages of repairing your windshield:

  • Repairs don't break the original seal of the windshield
  • Decals or stickers from the windshield do not need to be replaced
  • Environmentally friendly repair process with no stray toxins
  • Time-saving, 30-minute repair process at YOUR home or office
  • Far more affordable than windshield replacement
  • No additional measures needed after repairs are finished
  • Convenient repairs that get you back on the road, fast

Tyler, TX windshield repair tech

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Compared to windshield repairs, windshield replacements are expensive and time-consuming.

Windshield replacements can take a few hours, versus just 30 minutes for a windshield repair. Fixing a chip in your glass is a very convenient process. Call us for details or to schedule us for a repair. We serve Tyler, Texas.